Pancake Breakfast


Our pancake breakfast was a complete success, Thank you all who came to the event and for helping make the day a good one. We raised enough to fund our 2017 Scholarship and for our general operating expenses.

Please find all the Santa pictures here: 15356489_10155511935231679_2244960458724483163_n 15337480_10155511934901679_6974580884264077676_n 15219608_10155511934681679_7378904591139397701_n 15253583_10155511934601679_3929006612219734960_n img_6192 img_6191 img_6188 img_6186 dscn0635 dscn0626 img_6269 img_6267 img_6263 img_6258 img_6254 img_6252 img_6250 img_6242 img_6241 img_6240 img_6238 img_6237 img_6236 img_6231 img_6230 img_6229 img_6226 img_6225 img_6224 img_6221 img_6215 img_6214 img_6213 img_6210 img_6209 img_6207 img_6204 img_6202 img_6201 img_6200 img_6198 img_6196